The Nuclear Physics group of the Cagliari branch of INFN (the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics) has been carrying out experimental research in the field of nuclear physics since 1989, within a number of international collaborations.
It is composed of 6 staff researchers, plus 5 additional people including post-docs and PhD students.

The main interest of the group is currently the study of ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions, while  the main involvement is in the ALICE and NA60 experiments at CERN.

The group participates in several activities within these experiments, including the study of detectors and associated readout electronics, development of software for data analysis and readout electronics.

The group is also involved in the EEE project, for the study of extremely energetic cosmic ray showers.

In the past the group participated to the following experiments
  • NA50 - study of heavy ion collisions at the CERN SPS.
  • OBELIX - study meson spectroscopy at the CERN LEAR.
  • PAN-CCX - study of the reaction pbar-p ->nbar-n at the CERN LEAR.
  • FENICE - electromagnetic form factors of the neutron in the time-like region at the INFN e+e- collider ADONE.
  • ANTIN - study of the charactheristics of antineutrons at the CERN LEAR.
  • SC75 - pion and kaon production with a 3He beam.
  • SC73 - pion production in light nuclei interactions.


INFN Cagliari - Gruppo di Fisica Nucleare